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Yayasan Orangutan Sumatera Lestari - Orangutan Information Centre (YOSL-OIC) is a Medan based NGO, aims to conserve and protect Sumatran orangutans (Pongo abelii) and their forest homes. We work with local communities living alongside orangutan habitat, in and around the Leuser Ecosystem, the last stronghold of the Sumatran orangutan and among the most important tropical forest remaining in Asia. The Leuser Ecosystem is a globally important, high priority landscape for conservation and it is also the only and last place on Earth where orangutans, tigers, rhinos and elephants coexist in the wild. Firstly established in 2001 by Panut Hadisiswoyo as the information centre for orangutan only, gradually OIC has expand the work and developing various projects dedicated to the protection forest and wildlife conservation, helping community in providing alternative source of livelihood by introducing sustainable organic farming method.
Our staffs are coming from various professional backgrounds, skillful, and share the same passion and commitment to the idea of conservation. We also believe that local people are best suited to have an impact in and help Sumatran forest and biodiversity. Protect the orangutan, wildlife, the forest, and the community are our ways to protect the planet.
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