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  • +62 (61) 8201922

Another Orangutan Finds New Beginning






Our HOCRU team hits the road anytime needed when it comes to save orangutan in need. Yesterday, our HOCRU team worked together with @bksda.aceh and @gunungleusernationalpark to evacuate a male orangutan from Gampong Baru village, Bakongan subdistrict, South Aceh district of Aceh province (Tuesday, 15/09/20).





One of Baro’s Wound


Baro's general medical check






This orangutan that later named Baro, was found inside a local resident’s oil palm plantation. Through tranquilization process, Baro was safely evacuated by the team. From his general health check, Baro was estimated about 20 years old and unfortunately having some injuries. Our professional vet immediately treated and stiched his wound. Despite of his wound, Baro is stated to have a good health condition. Thus he can be released back to his safe home, Leuser forest.











                                                                                                                                                                                                                Baro’s general medical check







Baro is indeed a lucky orangutan to be able to find his new beginning to roam free in the wild through the hands of our dedicated team. However, our team is currently need your help to get new truck to ease us to hit road anytime in need easily. Kindly please donate through this link now if you can!

















Baro’s release back to his forest home, Leuser

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