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  • Jalan Bunga Sedap Malam XVIIIc No. 10 Medan Selayang, North Sumatra, 20131
  • +62 (61) 8201922

Orangutan’s Guardian Story: Binur

Starting his career in conservation since 2005 as volunteer, Binur never expected that he would dedicate his life since. “I started my journey in conservation when I joined Student Association for Environmental and Adventure Activity (MAPALA) and that’s how I encountered OIC and joined them as volunteer. I was also still studying in Medan State University of North Sumatera majoring in Mathemathics. Back then, OIC was still a small organization and focus on raising awareness through education program, We did community and school visit. I just fell in love to OIC with the  initiative and strong bondings of the team” he said nostalgicly.


As OIC believes that conservation is needed to be done in a holistics approach, Binur strongly holds the values as well. “I remember back then I worked with some school through a program that we called conservation savings, that project that was intended to develop nurseries of fruit trees as the school project. Each of the seedling sold would be saved for the students saving. I learned that the program has taught the students to learn how important conservation through tree planting to the students to be carried as values and it’s very important. I also remember that we had to visit a very rural villages that had no land access at all, we had to be there using boat for 4 hours. Since then, I learned that many villages are still in need to be developed and our work is very important” said him with a determined voice.


Now, Binur is OIC’s Program Manager for Community Development projects. Community project is very needed in conservation as the common fact shows that forest standing is threathened by human interests. Through OIC’s community program, it is expected that the community who live adjacent with the forest can live in harmony with their environment and even being the leaders the forest protection effort. “If the community can get direct benefit from the standing forest, the people will protect the forest with any cost” emphasize Binur.


Binur is one of the amazing team that OIC is proud of. Dedicating his life to do a good work, he is also a role model to his team. To date, Binur and our community development team has been able to work with thousands of local communities through promoting sustainable farming, handicraft product and many more. Support our community development to be able to help rural community that live adjacent with the forest by donating now.

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