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  • Jalan Bunga Sedap Malam XVIIIc No. 10 Medan Selayang, North Sumatra, 20131
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Regeneration Symphony

As entering the dry season this month, the symphony of regeneration was humming on the air of our Cinta Raja Restoration site III. One of the rhyme came from Kandri tree, that’s how the local people call this fast-growing tree, but it is known as Bridelia tomentosa from the family of Phyllathaceace. In our Cinta Raja Restoration Site III, we planted many of this tree firstly in 2017. Our passionate restoration team religiously did the maintaining and monitoring to ensure the survival of these trees. At the moment, the trees grow very well, strong and start to be fruiting this year. These Kandri trees are not only having seeds that are liked by the birds, the tree trunk and leaves are also used by the local people for herbal medicine to cure the stomach ache.


Beautiful new sprout of Kandri



                                                     Beautiful New sprout of Kandri









Each of these Kandri seeds fell from the tree to the ground. A variety of birds and other wildlife dispersed Kandri seeds to the secondary forest floor to be welcomed by the mother of earth. That’s how the new regeneration is happening every day in our restoration site. Each second, the changes are happening step by step to create significant changes as regenerated forest, a home for many Sumatran wildlife as it’s supposed to be. Starting its journey as an illegal oil palm plantation located inside of Leuser Ecosystem 3 years ago, this Cinta Raja Restoration Site III grows into a lush secondary forest now. And it was all started by these tiny seeds that grow into a home for many wildlife such as a variety of birds, macaques, squirrels, and other wildlife that share the same habitat with.


From small seed grows in harmony to create a beautiful symphony of regenerated forest



Every change starts in a tiny initiative, such as these Kandri trees that grow not into homes for wildlife, but also as re-functioning ecosystem to our planet. Keep supporting our team by donating now, so we can restore more damaged forest to be a functional ecosystem once more. Every cent counts like small seeds of Kandri bring changes in our Cinta Raja restoration site III.






Thinking of supporting our restoration team by donating to plant a tree for you or your beloved one? kindly please visit this link in order to do so


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