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Another life is saved! Molly, a young orangutan



On the first day after 2 weeks break of Ied celebration, OIC HOCRU team was busied with a rescue already. Based on the information that was received from the call centre, an orangutan baby was found in Gampong Baru, Idie Rayuek Subdistrict, East Aceh District of Aceh Province. As the response to the information, the HOCRU team coordinator, Krisna, left to the location to check.

Molly, a young orangutan that was kept in a small cage for 2 years

“When I arrived, I found the young orangutan was kept inside of a dirty small cage. He was there with another monkey. I assume that the orangutan was there for quite awhile as the orangutan gives such a tamed behavior” Krisna said. Named Molly, this orangutan was kept by a local resident in Langsa for about 2 years. As the next step of this finding, OIC HOCRU team decided to conduct the rescue to take this orangutan to the better chance of life.

The OIC HOCRU team succeed to rescue Molly without any issue

The joint team of OIC HOCRU team, KSDA Aceh, and Idie Rayuek police were working together to smooth this rescue operation. With such a strong collaboration among the joint team, Molly was rescued without creating any problem. However, Molly’s health condition is also considered to be poor with some serious skin infections. At the moment, this lucky one is in the safe hands of SOCP Quarantine Centre to be rehabilitated and one day will be breathing the fresh air in the wild. Keep supporting our effort to save more orangutan in need!

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