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The Community Forest Patrol Team, consisting of Forest Rangers of Gunung Leuser National Park (GNLP) and the Orangutan Information Centre (OIC) Rangers, arrested two illegal fish catchers who used electricity shock equipment to catch fish in the Bahorok river located inside the Gunung Leuser National Park on Thursday March 13, 2014.

The OIC Patrol Team Coordinator, M. Indra Kurnia, explained that the patrol team had been performing routine patrol duties since 12 March 2014 in the Bukit Lawang Resort. On the second day, the patrol team was in the Aras Pinang area and were to set up the tent to stay overnight. At the same time, the patrol team saw two people down the Bahorok river on using a tube on their on way home. The patrol team saw them carrying plastic bags and asked them to stop and pull over, but was ignored. Then, the Patrol Team chased them and finally caught them in the Jamur Atuk area of Sei Bahorok river.

The Patrol Team seized the electricity equipment, 15 kg fish that has been smoked, and the tube as evidence. The two perpetrators were identified as MN (36) and ST (37), resident of Timbang Jaya Village, Bahorok Sub District of Langkat District.

On Friday, March 14, 2014 the perpetrators were taken by the Patrol Team to GNLP office in Medan to be investigated by GNLP investigator.

Palber Turnip, Head of SPTN Region V of GNLP, explained that the Investigation Report (BAP) has been completed and since 15 March 2014, the status of the perpetrator has become a suspect. The two suspects will be charged with Law no. 5 of 1990 on the Conservation of Natural Resources and Ecosystems.