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In Malay orangutan literally means “man of the forest” and having once had the chance to observe these orange creatures for longer, it is hard to regard them as 'mere' animals. An encounter can become an unforgettably moving experience! … The blog of everything by Anneli… – http://www.shugards.net/

* The Journal of Insanity * – amusing day at safari

we also passed by more docile animals who are entertained to watch, like giraffe, who had their feeding place up high, so they didn't have to bend so much. and then there's also the orangutans . near their place there's a warning that … * The Journal of Insanity * – http://haku-tsu.livejournal.com/

Stop The Use of Palm Oil – The Petition Site

When palm forests are cut down, many orangutans , natural tree dwellers, are left without homes. They often die quickly and their young are left defenseless and also perish. If you could eliminate palm oil as an ingredient in your food … Overview Petitions – Care2: ThePetiti… – http://www.thepetitionsite.com/?q=http://www.evilaliv3.org/

simplissatee: Video #3 – The Baby Orangutan again…th

Video #3 – The Baby Orangutan again…this time from the front: (Post a new comment). About. Contact · Advertise · Jobs · Site News · More… Help. Support / FAQs · Safety Tips. Get Involved. Volunteer · Developers. Legal … Sweet Simplicity – http://simplissatee.livejournal.com/

Orangutan mum kisses baby's poorly finger better | UK2U – THE UK …

Recent UK Blogs. Cameron waxwork 'looks so real' · Clegg targets 'unnecessary' laws · More families forcing gay men into marriage · Vuvuzela protest planned at BP headquarters · Orangutan mum kisses baby's poorly finger better … UK2U – THE UK BLOGSITE – http://www.uk2u.co.uk/

In Appreciation of Dads | The Official Houston Zoo Blog

We have a family of orangutans here at the zoo that many you know – mom Kelly, dad Doc, and their son Solaris, who reside at Wortham World of Primates. Orangutans are also a bit unusual among primates because they are semi-solitary … The Official Houston Zoo Blog – http://www.houstonzooblogs.org/zoo/

Time Flies When You're Made of Sponge: Orangutan for President!

My favourite part of the day was watching the orangutans play together. They are so gorgeous and intelligent, I could have spent the entire day sat watching them interact. I've taken a few pictures of them playing together but they … Time Flies When You're Made of Sponge – http://madeofsponge.blogspot.com/

Flak for Thai orangutan kickboxing « Inside Thailand

In Thailand, where kickboxing is a popular spectator sport, an unusual show pitting orangutans against each other, has drawn criticism from animal rights activists. Organisers say what they are doing… Read more on Thailandnews.net … Inside Thailand – http://www.thailandchat.org/inside/

PawProtection.org | We love animals & we want to help save them!

Christmas is the time for giving, so why not invite a new member into your family by adopting, for the small sum of $55 a year, an infant orangutan through the Australian Orangutan Project (AOP). Each adoption comes with an adoption … PawProtection – http://www.pawprotection.org/