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Claire at Claire's Falls « The Casual Perfectionist

“The Hubbard Orangutan Forest opened in two phases during 2005 — first phase was opened in May 2005 and the second phase opened in late summer 2005 — at a cost of $8.5 million. The first phase is the outdoor habitat that includes two … The Casual Perfectionist – http://thecasualperfectionist.com/

Bocci's Beefs: Surya The Orangutan And Roscoe The Hound Dog – Don …

Surya The Orangutan And Roscoe The Hound Dog – Don't Miss It! Parental Unit and I just had to pass this video along – just the most heart-warming, funny, and fascinating thing we've seen in ages! We were leasurely perusing Cesar … Bocci's Beefs – http://boccibeefs.blogspot.com/

Taking Out The Trash: Dirty money

The Keswicks are accused of taking large profits from the burning of an area of rainforest UNESCO has highlighted as key to the survival of the Sumatran Orangutan . For three years Greenpeace, Oxfam and many others have fought the … Taking Out The Trash – http://takingoutthetrash.typepad.co.uk/taking_out_the_trash/