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2015, Orangutan Must Return to Habitat

Approximately 50 thousand more are now living wild orangutans in Sumatra and Kalimantan (Indonesia). While 1200 orangutan were still in the area of … www.indonesiafirst.com/…/2015-orangutan-must-return-to-ha…

New donors sought for land purchase | The Hutan Project

One of OFI's top goals is to preserve land near the Orangutan Care Center. Land values near the Care Center are rising due to the proximity of the city of Pangkalan Bun (pop 40000) located a few miles away. When Dr. Galdikas arrived in … The Hutan Project – http://www.techboston.com/hutan/

Thinkers of the Jungle

Today, there are less than 7,ooo orangutans living on this Indonesian island, less than 12% of the total 60000 great apes that live in the wild. This figure has decreased dramatically over the last century and will continue to do so, … Suite101: Endangered Species Articles – http://endangered-species.suite101.com/

Indonesia: Orangutans of Pondok Tanggui, Kalimantan | BEHIND THE FRONT

www.TravelsWithSheila.com The Orangutans in Borneo (both a Malaysian as well as Indonesian sides) as well as Sumatra have been a usually good apes outward of Africa. We visited a Sepilok Orangutan Sanctuary in Malaysia years behind as … BEHIND THE FRONT – http://behindthefront.org/

Orangutan Holidays -Volunteer Work with Orangutans

Volunteer work with orangutans can mean travelling abroad to Borneo or even visiting your local zoo. Find out more with this informative article. Suite101: Volunteer & Eco Adventures… – http://volunteerecotravel.suite101.com/