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Indonesia Agrees to Close Lethal Loophole to Save Orangutans – The …

The Indonesian government has pledged to amend existing regulations to support orangutan conservation efforts as part of a declaration drawn up at the conclusion of the International Workshop on Orangutan Conservation in Bali. Jakarta Globe RSS: Home – http://thejakartaglobe.com/?q=Save+Us+From+Berlusconi

Audubon Zoo's Sumatran orangutan baby Menari turns 1 | redapes.org

It was Menari, the Sumatran orangutan that has fascinated visitors at the Audubon Zoo since she was introduced to the public as an adorable, 3-month-old … redapes.org/…/audubon-zoos-sumatran-orangutan-baby-mena…

Sumatran Orang-utans | Mega-Blogger ~ Making A Difference

Female orangutans have the longest interbirth interval of any primate, with a mean duration of eight years. The infant to mother bond is incredibly strong in orangutans , with the offspring remaining dependent for up to six years. … Mega-Blogger ~ Making A Difference – http://www.mega-blogger.com/

Nature Alert: Ten orangutans to be released into Jambi forest

The manager of Frankfurt Zoological Society (FZS)`s Sumatran Orangutan Reintroduction Station said the population of these great apes in Jambi tended to decrease as a result of deforestation.The natural habitat of these primates was … Nature Alert – http://naturealert.blogspot.com/