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ASIAN SOCIAL POLITIC: Orangutan smugglers nabbed

JAKARTA – TWO men accused of trying to smuggle an endangered orangutan from eastern Indonesia were arrested following a monthslong investigation into the illegal trade, a media report said Sunday. If found guilty, they could face a … ASIAN SOCIAL POLITIC – http://asian-social-politic.blogspot.com/

Cempaka Asean: Malaysia urged to scrap coal plant in eco-sensitive …

"There is deep concern globally about the proposal to build a 300-megawatt plant in Sabah which is known for its orangutan , rhinos and renowned marine sites like Sipadan," said Cynthia Ong from Green Surf. "We are saying no to the coal … Cempaka Asean – http://cempaka-asean.blogspot.com/

* The Journal of Insanity * – amusing day at safari

we also passed by more docile animals who are entertained to watch, like giraffe, who had their feeding place up high, so they didn't have to bend so much. and then there's also the orangutans . near their place there's a warning that … * The Journal of Insanity * – http://haku-tsu.livejournal.com/

Carol PostCrossing Journey: Orangutan from Indonesia :)

Orangutan from Indonesia :) . Posted by caroline Tuesday, June 15, 2010. finally i received this postcard today after 1 month travelling :) thanks a lot Nina Mayasari http://nina-mayasari.blogspot.com/ for sending me orangutan card! … Carol PostCrossing Journey – http://carolpostcrossing.blogspot.com/

Planet of the Monyets: Smoking Orangutan – A shame on Malaysia

A female orangutan named 'Shirley' has been observed to be heavily addicted to cigarettes at Johor Zoo. She was seen trying to light a 'beedee' (rolled up tobacco in leaves) using a lighted cigarette butt. After taking several puffs … Planet of the Monyets – http://planetofthemonyets.blogspot.com/