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Orangutan Language Identified, Researchers Say | The Orangutan …

Orangutans communicate intelligently using gestures, researchers have found. British scientists who spent nine months observing the great apes in three. The Orangutan Conservancy | Wild… – http://www.orangutan.net/

ECO PROPAGANGSTER: International Workshop on Orangutan Conservation

The Indonesian Ministry of Forestry's Nature Conservation and Forest Protection Agency (PHKA), in cooperation with the Indonesian Orangutan Forum (FORINA), has organized the International Workshop on Orangutan Conservation (IWOC) to be … ECO PROPAGANGSTER – http://ecopropagangster.blogspot.com/

Orangutan Conservancy to Call for Conservation Unity at Bali …

Seeking to unify the fragmented and limited conservation efforts currently underway in Borneo and Sumatra, Dr. Raffaella Commitante of the Orangutan Conservancy. The Orangutan Conservancy | Wild… – http://www.orangutan.net/

Animal Activists Protest Orangutan Kickboxing « Gyrovague's Raves

Animal activists are up in arms over a Thai theme park that pits orangutans against each other in the country's national sport—kickboxing. Visitors to Bangkok's Safari World theme park are treated to a 30-minute spectacle of orangutans … Gyrovague's Raves – http://gyrovague.wordpress.com/

Beasiswa Peduli Orangutan 2009

OIC didukung oleh Orangutan Republik Education Initiative (OUREI) kembali menggelar beasiswa Peduli Orangutan 2009. Pada tahun keempat, beasiswa ini diberikan tak hanya kepada mahasiswa jurusan kehutanan dan biologi USU dan UNIMED, namun meluas kepada mahasiswa kedokteran hewan UNSYIAH, NAD.