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Animals in the City of Angels | ALIPH FOUNDATION BLOG

The Orangutan Foundation International or more commonly known as the OFI is also part of the growing animal charities los angeles that was founded to support the conservation and understanding of the orangutan and its rain forest … ALIPH FOUNDATION BLOG – http://blog.aliphfoundation.org/

Orangutan King Pt 2

Documentary about Kusasi, the worlds most famous orangutan . His rise to power was meteoric, from orphaned baby to 20 stone king of the swingers – the fearless ruler of the orangutans in the Camp Leakey sanctuary and in the wild jungles … On The Air TV SciFi Video Share Network – http://www.ontheairtv.com/

Orangutan and Hound Dog: Best Friends – Funny Videos | ThirdAge …

Dog is man's best friend, but in this case a dog is an orangutan's best friend. Watch this incredible video from National Geographic, and witness a … www.thirdage.com/humor/orangutan-hound-dog-best-friends