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“Man's best friend”… or should I say “Orangutan's Best Friend …

“Man's best friend”… or should I say “ Orangutan's Best Friend!” Jul 12th, 2010. by Karen. mans-best-friend-or-should-i-say- orangutans -. http://www.5thworld.com/Paradigm/Postings/!Wisdom/OrangutanAndHound.html. share this stuff … Clay & Karen's Waking Crew Blog – http://clayandkaren.com/

* The Journal of Insanity * – amusing day at safari

we also passed by more docile animals who are entertained to watch, like giraffe, who had their feeding place up high, so they didn't have to bend so much. and then there's also the orangutans . near their place there's a warning that … * The Journal of Insanity * – http://haku-tsu.livejournal.com/

Stitch and Chat: Orangutan and the Hound

My mother sent me this link. I don't know where she finds these. This is so charming and endearing. Watching just makes you smile and feel happy. Orangutan and the Hound. Posted by Pam at 6:27 AM … Stitch and Chat – http://stitchandchat.blogspot.com/