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Mayfield West Demonstration school go all ORANGE for the orangutan …

Mayfield West Demonstration school¬† had a fantastic day wearing orange (and some green and brown) to help raise money for the Australian Orangutan Project.¬† The whole school go involved and went “Wild about Orangutans ”¬† They drew a … The Australian Orangutan Education… – http://education.orangutan.org.au/

Orangutan King Pt 2

Documentary about Kusasi, the worlds most famous orangutan . His rise to power was meteoric, from orphaned baby to 20 stone king of the swingers – the fearless ruler of the orangutans in the Camp Leakey sanctuary and in the wild jungles … On The Air TV SciFi Video Share Network – http://www.ontheairtv.com/

A Boat Trip through Borneo | Radio Netherlands Worldwide

Ten years ago there were 15000 orangutans ; now there are only 7000. Illegal logging robs them of their home; illegal pet trading robs the young orangs of their mothers. And the worst thing is, these are not even the greatest threats … – http://www.rnw.nl/

Shortwave Central: Radio Netherlands Program Guide June 7-11

The World Wildlife Fund leads a campaign called "Heart of Borneo" to try and stop various threats like the illegal pet-trade in orangutans . Producer Anne Blair Gould meets orphan orangutan babies and a wild male orangutan named … Shortwave Central – http://mt-shortwave.blogspot.com/