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thejakartaherald.com » Cooperation Urged to Bring Indonesia's …

The International Workshop on Orangutan Conservation, which will run through Friday at the beachside resort town of Sanur, is aimed at stabilizing the habitat and populations of both the Sumatran and Bornean subspecies by 2017, … thejakartaherald.com – http://thejakartaherald.com/

Monkey Wars « The C_Manifesto

But surely, this will all lead to a day in the not so distant future where a young artistically inclined Adolph monkey uses his articulate charm to woo an entire nation of monkeys into wiping out the Orangutan , which will ultimately … The C_Manifesto – http://marcelo717.wordpress.com/

Diet for a New America part 6

Please don't raise the “canine” teeth shizz (like all meat eaters do) check out vegan Gorilla and Orangutan canines. We use those teeth for smiling, grimacing. Other apes use them in hierarchical display. TheRetiredtrucker on July 9th, … manufactured home equity loan – http://loan.193.at/