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Petite Planet: 5 Animals That Will Probably Become Extinct in Your …

We all expect to see a T-Rex in ancient, skeletal form, but an orangutan ? When we were kids and we heard about animals becoming extinct in science class, the finality seemed grave but distant, like there was still hope and time, … Petite Planet – http://petiteplanet.blogspot.com/

5 Animals That Will Probably Become Extinct in Your Child's …

The Sumatran Orangutan seen above is threatened due to poaching and habitat destruction of the rainforests in Indonesia, where this species makes their home. Only about 6500 remain in the wild, and they are poised to become the first … EcoSalon – http://www.ecosalon.com/

Planet of the Monyets: Smoking Orangutan – A shame on Malaysia

A female orangutan named 'Shirley' has been observed to be heavily addicted to cigarettes at Johor Zoo. She was seen trying to light a 'beedee' (rolled up tobacco in leaves) using a lighted cigarette butt. After taking several puffs … Planet of the Monyets – http://planetofthemonyets.blogspot.com/