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solar-powered orangutan « good tree montessori homeschool

as other science and engineering lovers worked on their orangutans . each girl was given a kit and we sat down to put our engineering-thinking caps on and get to work connecting, inserting and snapping on the different pieces of the … good tree montessori homeschool – http://goodtreemontessori.wordpress.com/

wildsingapore news: Three baby orangutans released into the wild

JAKARTA: Three orphaned baby orangutans recently rescued in an East Kalimantan jungle by the Center for Orangutan Protection (COP) will be released into the wild, an environmental group said Thursday. … wildsingapore news – http://wildsingaporenews.blogspot.com/

Married With Backpacks » Blog Archive » Sumatra—Welcome to the …

A few minutes later our trekking guide showed up and said we had to leave now if we wanted to see any orangutans . “I saw your husband. Why did he go now? Not a good time to go talk to driver.” Oh dear. If we missed the orangutans , … Married With Backpacks – http://marriedwithbackpacks.com/

Judge to rule Thursday on Liverpool sale battle | Trans Pacific …

Hundreds of orangutans to be released in Kalimantan. The Jakarta Post. Borneo Orangutan Survival foundation has targeted to release 835 orangutans to Kalimantan forests by… read full article » … Trans Pacific Partners – http://transpacpartners.com/