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The blog of everything by Anneli & Markus » Blog Archive …

In Malay orangutan literally means “man of the forest” and having once had the chance to observe these orange creatures for longer, it is hard to regard them as 'mere' animals. An encounter can become an unforgettably moving experience! … The blog of everything by Anneli… – http://www.shugards.net/

Best Places to See Wildlife in Nature | What Do Birds Eat

Tanjung Puting National Park in Borneo is one of the last places to see orangutans in their own natural habitat. Through an elaborate network of hiking trails, you can see the orangutans up close, swinging from branch to branch, … What Do Birds Eat – http://whatdobirdseat.whatyouveheard.com/

GothicGirl.com Forums – Female orangutan gentle kiss small apes …

He said: "this is only the chimpanzee mother not only orangutans , it still small kiss gently hold hands and fingers, the son of its children. Slowly kiss kiss and stroked by human like other great apes, and no exception. … GothicGirl.com Forums – http://www.gothicgirl.com/forums/

Cempaka Asean: Malaysia urged to scrap coal plant in eco-sensitive …

"There is deep concern globally about the proposal to build a 300-megawatt plant in Sabah which is known for its orangutan , rhinos and renowned marine sites like Sipadan," said Cynthia Ong from Green Surf. "We are saying no to the coal … Cempaka Asean – http://cempaka-asean.blogspot.com/

Free PPT Templates: Orangutan 03: Free PowerPoint Template of the Day

Wednesday, July 7, 2010. posted by Santhosh at 9:38 AM IST. Today's free PowerPoint template is Orangutan 03 – download here… free powerpoint templates. Keywords: orangutan , animals, mammals, wildlife, brown, free powerpoint templates … Free PPT Templates – http://blog.freeppttemplates.com/

Suryia the Swimming Orangutan! P.S. His Best Friend is a Dog …

While I don't want to take too much attention away from his unthinkable athleticism, I want to remind everyone that this is the same orangutan who was in the news two years ago for having a hound dog as a BFF! Care2 News Network – http://www.care2.com/news/

Lord Monboddo and the Quest for Human Nature « The Starry Messenger

Again, as we have already seen with Peter, it is the effects of learning that realizes the potential at the heart of human nature, for with time and training Monboddo believed that orangutans could be taught to speak, and that some had … The Starry Messenger – http://edmundsiderius.wordpress.com/

Batik, an orangutan at the Oregon Zoo, nibbles… Oregon photos …

Batik, an orangutan at the Oregon Zoo, nibbles on the scraps of a chimney made out of cardboard Thursday afternoon after zookeepers gave out Christmas gifts to the primates. The boxes contained nuts, fruit and cereal. … Oregon photos – nature, news… – http://oregonianphoto.com/