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New donors sought for land purchase | The Hutan Project

One of OFI's top goals is to preserve land near the Orangutan Care Center. Land values near the Care Center are rising due to the proximity of the city of Pangkalan Bun (pop 40000) located a few miles away. When Dr. Galdikas arrived in … The Hutan Project – http://www.techboston.com/hutan/

Monkey Wars « The C_Manifesto

But surely, this will all lead to a day in the not so distant future where a young artistically inclined Adolph monkey uses his articulate charm to woo an entire nation of monkeys into wiping out the Orangutan , which will ultimately … The C_Manifesto – http://marcelo717.wordpress.com/

Kids reveling in Whitman's discovery of Rosie the orangutan at the …

Kids reveling in Whitman's discovery of Rosie the orangutan at the Trader Joe's on Lake Ave · Loading mentions. Retweet. Comments (0). Leave a comment… To leave a comment on this posterous, please login by clicking one of the … Derek Halvorson's posterous – http://jdh.posterous.com/

The News Media at War – Written by Terry Hansen | 911Blogger.com

The News Media at War – Written by Terry Hansen. Submitted by Orangutan . on Sat, 07/03/2010 – 10:58pm. journalism · The News Media at War. Ed: As AE911Truth makes many efforts to promote its mission among and through the mainstream … 911 Blogger News Feed – http://911blogger.com/

King of the swimmers:Orangutan Suryia loves to swim (PICS …

King of the swimmers: Orangutan Suryia loves to swim (PICS). Orangutans are not known for their love of the water, but Suryia appears to have permanently swapped tree trunks for swimming trunks. Source: … ladyblu's posterous – http://ladyblu.posterous.com/

A Little Luck for a Baby Orangutan – Wildlife Conservation Society

The baby orangutan rescued during the raid is now being cared for at the International Animal Rescue facility in Ketapang, West Kalimantan. … www.wcs.org/new-and…/baby-orangutan-saved.aspx