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Best Places to See Wildlife in Nature | What Do Birds Eat

Tanjung Puting National Park in Borneo is one of the last places to see orangutans in their own natural habitat. Through an elaborate network of hiking trails, you can see the orangutans up close, swinging from branch to branch, … What Do Birds Eat – http://whatdobirdseat.whatyouveheard.com/

Apes In Danger: Orangutan School | G-Online, the best of green

Orangutan Diary visits the forest school, teaching orangutan babies how to survive in the wild. Amazing nature clip of these endangered primates from BBC Worldwide. Post a comment · Email this page … G-Online, the best of green – http://www.gmagazine.com.au/

A Garden for the House: Orangutan and Stray Hound-Dog Become Best …

I COULDN'T RESIST sharing this clip from National Geographic with you. It's the story of Surya, an orangutan , who befriended Roscoe, a stray hound-dog. I find the story heartwarming. How about you? Posted by Kevin Lee Jacobs at 9:55 AM … A Garden for the House – http://www.agardenforthehouse.com/

Catherine Todd blog: Colin Broderick blog – author, Orangutan

Colin Broderick blog – author, Orangutan · NASA's Astronomy Picture of the Day · How I Feel · The Effects of Alcoholism on Loved Ones · Astronomy ~ Orion's Horsehead Nebula · Buying Beads in Solola · how to tell if a guy is a jerk … Catherine Todd blog – http://catherinetodd.blogspot.com/