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Wildlife Extra News – Illegal orangutan trade: three arrested

The baby orangutan confiscated during this raid is now being cared for at … Orangutans remain under threat in Indonesia, and stopping the illegal trade in … www.wildlifeextra.com/go/news/orangutan-trade.html

Orangutan Holidays -Contribute to Conservation Whilst on Vacation

Hints and tips for planning orang-utan holidays which benefit orang-utan conservation efforts and minimise negative impacts on these charismatic creatures. Suite101: Nature/Wildlife Tours Articles – http://nature-wildlife-tours.suite101.com/

This Chick's Perspective… » Blog Archive » Incredibly Life-Like …

My favorite bit is the tag line: “The most incredibly life-like orangutan toddler ever!” Have I been living in a cave? Just how many incredibly life-life orangutan toddlers are on the market? Is there an incredibly life-like orangutan … This Chick's Perspective… – http://bellamydesmond.com/

A Simple I Love You Means More Than Money: Roberto The Orangutan's …

Dear Roberto The Orangutan's Owner, My heart will always and always be with the one I love which is you my hubby~ You are always in my heart. You never fade. Take care my love. See you in 3 months time. … A Simple I Love You Means More… – http://steffiana.blogspot.com/