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July Newsletter – Forest Victory, Orangutans Cheer! « Point …

Two weeks ago, our activists in New York and California donned orangutan suits and headed down to local branches of HSBC, the world's largest banking and financial services company, to protest the company's investments in Sinar Mas, … Point/Counterpoint – http://ynative77.wordpress.com/

A post-Festival blog from Greenpeace | Music and Uk Festival News

Initially he was glum when discussing the orangutans ' plight (“what can I do? I'm just the singer in a silly rock band.”) But then he saw the opportunity to give our furry friends some exposure. So that night, two Greenpeace volunteers, … Music and Uk Festival News – http://www.fattune.com/

Taking Out The Trash: Dirty money

The Keswicks are accused of taking large profits from the burning of an area of rainforest UNESCO has highlighted as key to the survival of the Sumatran Orangutan . For three years Greenpeace, Oxfam and many others have fought the … Taking Out The Trash – http://takingoutthetrash.typepad.co.uk/taking_out_the_trash/

Egyed Irma's Blog: YouTube- Have a Break, (Kill an Orangutan

This fragile earth deserves a voice. It needs solutions. Home · Posts RSS · Website · Forum. Saturday, May 29, 2010. YouTube- Have a Break, (Kill an Orangutan · video. Labels: greenpeace · Newer Post Older Post Home · internet marketing … Egyed Irma's Blog – http://irmaegyed.blogspot.com/