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Baby Orangutan Dies At Zoo Atlanta — metroAtlanta.com

A 3-month-old orangutan has died at Zoo Atlanta, officials confirmed to Channel 2 Action News. Sandar, a Bornean orangutan , was euthanized Thursday following multiple health complications since birth, Zoo officials said. metroAtlanta.com – http://metroatlanta.com/

JEREMY KEELING: The orangutan who saved my life – Venodi.com

JEREMY KEELING: The orangutan who saved my life. In his enchanting and touching book, he reveals how he became a 'mother' to an abandoned baby orang-utan called Amy – and how she healed his broken heart. Read more on Daily Mail … Venodi.com – http://venodi.com/

Hidden talents of the orangutan… « Brooklyn Rhodes's Blog

A nine-year study of free-living orangutans in Borneo, conducted by Suzanne Chevalier-Skolnikoff, Birute Galdikas, and Alan Skolnikon of the University of California at San Francisco and suggests that the life of the orang-utan has … Brooklyn Rhodes's Blog – http://brooklynrhodes.wordpress.com/