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Indonesia: Orangutans of Pondok Tanggui, Kalimantan | BEHIND THE FRONT

www.TravelsWithSheila.com The Orangutans in Borneo (both a Malaysian as well as Indonesian sides) as well as Sumatra have been a usually good apes outward of Africa. We visited a Sepilok Orangutan Sanctuary in Malaysia years behind as … BEHIND THE FRONT – http://behindthefront.org/

A post-Festival blog from Greenpeace | Music and Uk Festival News

Initially he was glum when discussing the orangutans ' plight (“what can I do? I'm just the singer in a silly rock band.”) But then he saw the opportunity to give our furry friends some exposure. So that night, two Greenpeace volunteers, … Music and Uk Festival News – http://www.fattune.com/

Mayfield West Demonstration school go all ORANGE for the orangutan …

Mayfield West Demonstration school¬† had a fantastic day wearing orange (and some green and brown) to help raise money for the Australian Orangutan Project.¬† The whole school go involved and went “Wild about Orangutans ”¬† They drew a … The Australian Orangutan Education… – http://education.orangutan.org.au/

The Orangutan and the Hound : Ten Million Clicks For Peace Blog

Filed under Must-See Media. After watching this inspirational video put out by National Geographic consider what the world would be like if more people could only get along like this! Enjoy The Orangutan and the Hound! … 10 Million Clicks For Peace – http://www.tenmillionclicksforpeace.org/index.php/empowerment/health/how-to-fight-depression-by-eating-healthy-foods

Orangutan Language Identified, Researchers Say | The Orangutan …

Orangutans communicate intelligently using gestures, researchers have found. British scientists who spent nine months observing the great apes in three. The Orangutan Conservancy | Wild… – http://www.orangutan.net/