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In Malay orangutan literally means “man of the forest” and having once had the chance to observe these orange creatures for longer, it is hard to regard them as 'mere' animals. An encounter can become an unforgettably moving experience! … The blog of everything by Anneli… – http://www.shugards.net/

Bird Casualties From Gulf Oil Disaster Climb

Indonesia has a number of volunteer-run facilities for taking care of orphaned and injured orangutans . Unfortunately, the number of orphans has been increasing over the past few years due to conflicts between orangutans and humans in … All About Wildlife – http://www.allaboutwildlife.com/


Most of these conflicts come as people push deeper into the orangutan's rainforest habitat, cutting trees for timber and clearing vast tracts to make way for palm-oil plantations. The goal of most orangutan rehabilitation facilities is … All About Wildlife – http://www.allaboutwildlife.com/