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Littlemummy.Com » Busch Gardens: A bit of a revelation!

One of my favourite experiences of the whole trip was the tiger and orangutan experience. We were able to go behind the scenes and see an orangutan being trained. We met Lunabella a very mischevious orangutan who likes painting, … Littlemummy.Com – http://www.littlemummy.com/

In Between the Spots: Swinging in the Rainforest: A Night with …

Maggie Moos will be serving up their new palm oil free flavor "Swinging Orangutan Shindig" in support of this journey and the conservation of orangutan habitat. 25 cents of each scoop goes directly to orangutan conservation through the … In Between the Spots – http://cheyennemountainzooblog.blogspot.com/

ECO PROPAGANGSTER: International Workshop on Orangutan Conservation

The Indonesian Ministry of Forestry's Nature Conservation and Forest Protection Agency (PHKA), in cooperation with the Indonesian Orangutan Forum (FORINA), has organized the International Workshop on Orangutan Conservation (IWOC) to be … ECO PROPAGANGSTER – http://ecopropagangster.blogspot.com/

Orangutans – Transterrestrial Musings

5 Responses to “ Orangutans ”. ken anthony Says: June 20th, 2010 at 1:18 pm. People have a moral obligation in the treatment of all animals. All animals have intelligence, even if they were smarter than people they wouldn't be people. … Transterrestrial Musings – http://www.transterrestrial.com/