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TFCA Sumatera Programme

The Development of Collaborative Protection and Conservation Programme for Langkat Karo block of Leuser Ecosystem (LE) in North Sumatra The TFCA is an initiative by the US Government, the Government of Indonesia, the KEHATI Foundation, and Conservation International (CI).  This was formalized on 30 June 2009 to redirect the payment of Indonesian debt to the [...]

Activist Spotlight: Forest Destruction Endangers Orangutans

The illegal destruction of forests in Indonesia is threatening the already endangered orangutan population. The orangutans need to be protected before it is too late. Protect Wildlife & the Environment – http://www.care2.com/causes/environment/

Bali News » Blog Archive » Targeted All Orangutan Freed in 2015 …

According to Harry Santoso, reintroduction of orangutan to its natural habitat will conduct gradually through observing the orangutan readiness that will be freed first as well as watching over their food availability at their release … Bali News – http://balinewsonline.com/

The walls of the Wild Orangutan & Toucan | Bayeux Wall Tapestry

Low price: $39.95 Buy The walls of the Wild Orangutan & Toucan from amazon.com Easy to do- no cutting requiredSelf Adhesive- peel and stickSmooth, Bayeux Wall Tapestry – http://www.bayeuxwalltapestry.com/

Mayfield West Demonstration school go all ORANGE for the orangutan …

Mayfield West Demonstration school¬† had a fantastic day wearing orange (and some green and brown) to help raise money for the Australian Orangutan Project.¬† The whole school go involved and went “Wild about Orangutans ”¬† They drew a … The Australian Orangutan Education… – http://education.orangutan.org.au/