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Give Rain Forests for Red Gorilla to Live – wyatt1977

Close relatives of human, the orangutans and beautiful bird of paradise have multiplied in the jungle for thousands of years, completely unknown what is the evil and their homes are being invaded. Hey Models! Keep Away from cheap bags ! … wyatt1977 – http://wyatt1977.canalblog.com/

Petite Planet: 5 Animals That Will Probably Become Extinct in Your …

We all expect to see a T-Rex in ancient, skeletal form, but an orangutan ? When we were kids and we heard about animals becoming extinct in science class, the finality seemed grave but distant, like there was still hope and time, … Petite Planet – http://petiteplanet.blogspot.com/

Endangered: Who Will Survive? « T-Thoughts Team Building …

But the orangutan is now endangered. Extinction in the wild is likely in the next 10 years or so for the only two surviving species in the world: the Sumatran Orangutans (Pongo abelii) and the Bornean Orangutans (Pongo pygmaeus). … T-Thoughts Team Building & Leadership… – http://www.tirian.com/articles/

Nothing To Do With Arbroath: The orangutan and the hound dog

The orangutan and the hound dog. posted by arbroath at 8:14 AM · Comments. |. Trackback · < Home. Links. Anorak · Boing Boing · Look at This… Unknown Highway · Neatorama · Miss Cellania · The Presurfer · Bits & Pieces · UniqueDaily … Nothing To Do With Arbroath – http://arbroath.blogspot.com/