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An Interview About Orangutan Conservation and the Complexities of Palm Oil

Palm oil both a leading threat to orangutans and a key source of jobs in Sumatra by Rhett A. Butler, mongabay.com An interview about orangutan conservation and the complexities of palm oil  by Rhett A. Butler with Panut Hadisiswoyo and David Dellatore of the Orangutan Information Centre and Helen Buckland of the Sumatran Orangutan Society. [...]

UK Firm Plans to Log Habitat of Critically Endangered Orangutans for Palm Oil Production

A Scottish firm has been implicated in funding a plan that would destroy the rainforest habitat of critically endangered orangutans in Sumatra. Jardine Matheson Holdings is the majority shareholder of Astra Agro Lestar, a palm oil company that plans to develop the peatland forests of Tripa in Aceh Province for oil palm plantations. Environmentalists say [...]

Carbon Credits Could Help Orangutans

Carbon markets were designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The system could also be a financially feasible way to save tropical forests, according to a new study that estimated how much it would cost to prevent logging in Borneo’s forests. What’s more, an established market would help buoy orangutans, pygmy elephants and other threatened species. [...]