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Sinanthropus: Could There Be Non-Hominan “Hominids”?

These include a number of dentognathic specimens that have been compared to fossil orangutans , a non-orang large bodied ape (possibly allied to Lufengpithecus), or early species of Homo cum Meganthropus. The description and analysis of … Sinanthropus – http://sinanthropus.blogspot.com/

Nothing To Do With Arbroath: Orangutan learns to swim

Watch Suyia, a 7-year-old male orangutan , swim and dive underwater with his trainer. The great ape is able to swim up to twenty feet unaided using his rudimentary 'Borneo crawl', defying the common misconception that they are terrified … Nothing To Do With Arbroath – http://arbroath.blogspot.com/

JEREMY KEELING: The orangutan who saved my life – Venodi.com

JEREMY KEELING: The orangutan who saved my life. In his enchanting and touching book, he reveals how he became a 'mother' to an abandoned baby orang-utan called Amy – and how she healed his broken heart. Read more on Daily Mail … Venodi.com – http://venodi.com/