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TFCA Sumatera Programme

The Development of Collaborative Protection and Conservation Programme for Langkat Karo block of Leuser Ecosystem (LE) in North Sumatra The TFCA is an initiative by the US Government, the Government of Indonesia, the KEHATI Foundation, and Conservation International (CI).  This was formalized on 30 June 2009 to redirect the payment of Indonesian debt to the [...]

Human Orangutan Conflict Response Unit (HOCRU)

This project addresses the problem of human conflicts with the critically endangered Sumatran orangutan (Pongo abelii) in agricultural landscapes adjacent to the Gunung Leuser National Park (GLNP), Sumatra, Indonesia. The Human Orangutan Conflict Response Unit (HOCRU) is a roving team that responds to conflict situations and reports of crop raiding in agricultural areas across northern [...]

Wildlife Extra News – Sustainable timber concessions could be key …

HOPE FOR THE FUTURE: A female orangutan living along the Kinabatangan River on the … The numbers of orangutans in the acacia plantations were found to be … www.wildlifeextra.com/go/news/orangutan-conservation.html

2015, Orangutan Must Return to Habitat

Approximately 50 thousand more are now living wild orangutans in Sumatra and Kalimantan (Indonesia). While 1200 orangutan were still in the area of … www.indonesiafirst.com/…/2015-orangutan-must-return-to-ha…

The Orangutan Tropical Peatland Project: Bawan – the new remote …

skip to main | skip to sidebar. The Orangutan Tropical Peatland Project. Saturday, 17 July 2010. Bawan – the new remote site for OuTrop. The new camp at Bawan is finally complete and all the team and volunteers have moved in. … The Orangutan Tropical Peatland Project – http://outrop.blogspot.com/