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New donors sought for land purchase | The Hutan Project

One of OFI's top goals is to preserve land near the Orangutan Care Center. Land values near the Care Center are rising due to the proximity of the city of Pangkalan Bun (pop 40000) located a few miles away. When Dr. Galdikas arrived in … The Hutan Project – http://www.techboston.com/hutan/

Indonesia pledges forests for orangutan conservation | www.bullfax.com

Indonesia said it will reserve thousands of hectares of forest in Borneo island for some 200 captive orangutans which will be released in a conservation drive, an official said Friday."A foundation has asked for a permit on about 86000 … Bullfax.com – Market News & Analysis – http://www.bullfax.com/

Orangutan Largest Rehabilitation Centre in the World

Perhaps greater than any other animal, the Orang Utan is synonymous with Borneo. The Bornean Orang-utan is endemic to Borneo. Here it may be found in lowland and medium elevation rainforest. On account of deforestation and historic … Freebie Articles – http://www.freebie-articles.com/

our media: Orangutan XVX.Ruthless Capitalism. Great techno clip …

Orangutan XVX.Ruthless Capitalism. Great techno clip with good message. Posted by Griks at 2:47 PM. Labels: alterglobalization, antikapitalism, climate change, Climate Justice Action, clip, fair trade, human rights, music, peace, … our media – http://ourmediaindymedia.blogspot.com/