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Sinanthropus: Could There Be Non-Hominan “Hominids”?

These include a number of dentognathic specimens that have been compared to fossil orangutans , a non-orang large bodied ape (possibly allied to Lufengpithecus), or early species of Homo cum Meganthropus. The description and analysis of … Sinanthropus – http://sinanthropus.blogspot.com/

ASIAN SOCIAL POLITIC: Orangutan smugglers nabbed

JAKARTA – TWO men accused of trying to smuggle an endangered orangutan from eastern Indonesia were arrested following a monthslong investigation into the illegal trade, a media report said Sunday. If found guilty, they could face a … ASIAN SOCIAL POLITIC – http://asian-social-politic.blogspot.com/

Petite Planet: 5 Animals That Will Probably Become Extinct in Your …

We all expect to see a T-Rex in ancient, skeletal form, but an orangutan ? When we were kids and we heard about animals becoming extinct in science class, the finality seemed grave but distant, like there was still hope and time, … Petite Planet – http://petiteplanet.blogspot.com/