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Hobo Mama: Tips to help parents assume the best intentions

That mother's assessment of the orangutans ' play was an eye-opening example to me of how parents sometimes assume the worst out of their little ones. Now don't get me wrong, I'm just as guilty as the next parent at times of thinking … Hobo Mama – http://www.hobomama.com/

All About Animals: 2 Legs, 4 Legs & Fins: Infant Orangutan Passes …

Sandar, a 3-month-old male Bornean orangutan at Zoo Atlanta, was euthanized on July 1, 2010, following multiple health complications since birth. The Animal Management and Veterinary Teams made the difficult decision based on a … All About Animals: 2 Legs, 4 Legs & Fins – http://allaboutanimalsga.blogspot.com/

Children of the 90s: Dunston Checks In

Truthfully, the movie could be titled “random orangutan antics haphazardly arranged around a flimsy plot.” Dunston Checks In seems determined to insert its title monkey character into as many zany situations as possible, … Children of the 90s – http://childrenofthenineties.blogspot.com/