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Veterinary Wisdom® Café: Suryia the orangutan swims

Normally, orangutans aren't big fans of the water, but at the park Suryia calls home, he has learned to swim! It all began with his trainers bathing him (and other orangutans ) when they came to stay in homes with humans. … Veterinary Wisdom® Café – http://www.vetwisdomcafe.com/vetwisdomcafe/

Giigly – The World Scoop » Moksha Bybee back with Orangutan Suryia

Moksha Bybee back with Orangutan Suryia. Moksha Bybee, a very well known name to the animal lovers. This 30 year old trainer is very popolar for her unusual swimming partners. Once in news for swimming with tigers ina pool, … Giigly – The World Scoop – http://www.giigly.com/

Children of the 90s: Dunston Checks In

Truthfully, the movie could be titled “random orangutan antics haphazardly arranged around a flimsy plot.” Dunston Checks In seems determined to insert its title monkey character into as many zany situations as possible, … Children of the 90s – http://childrenofthenineties.blogspot.com/