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Beasts in a Populous City: Take the O-Line

The orangutans at the National Zoo have a great opportunity to be independent agents—to move about freely, to choose their own location, to urinate on visitors' heads: it's called the O-Line. To connect the great-ape house to the Think … Beasts in a Populous City – http://beastsinapopulouscity.blogspot.com/

NCHC Extends a Helping Hand to Arboreal Orangutans

Along with the Bamboo Community University in Hsinchu, Taiwan, the NARL’s National Center for High-Performance Computing (NCHC) has teamed up with the Sumatran Orangutan Society/Orangutan Information Centre (SOS-OIC) to protect critically-endangered arboreal orangutans and fast disappearing rainforests in Indonesia. Under this joint initiative, the two Conservation and Digital Opportunity Centres (CDOCs) were established in December [...]

Conservation and Digital Opportunity Centre (CDOC)

The Conservation Digital Opportunity Centres (CDOCs) were established in December 2009 and are managed by the Orangutan Information Centre (OIC). The two centres, located in Bukit Lawang Eco Tourism Area at the Bukit Lawang Housing Complex and the Tangkahan Eco Tourism Visitor Centre, are a joint initiative between the Bamboo Community University Association (BCUA) Taiwan, [...]