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TFCA Sumatera Programme

The Development of Collaborative Protection and Conservation Programme for Langkat Karo block of Leuser Ecosystem (LE) in North Sumatra The TFCA is an initiative by the US Government, the Government of Indonesia, the KEHATI Foundation, and Conservation International (CI).  This was formalized on 30 June 2009 to redirect the payment of Indonesian debt to the [...]

Red Alert OPC: One Team, One Goal, One Chance

Red Alert Orangutan Preservation Campaign is a private initiative in aid of the survival of the orangutan , now classed as an endangered species due to human activities. Red Alert OPC is not a charity. In aid of Borneo Orangutan Survival … Red Alert OPC – http://apecampaign.blogspot.com/

Zoos Victoria trying hard to Create Agricultural Trade War

Very strong statements were issued recently by management of zoos in various states in Australia defending their position to continue to allow NGOs to use the zoos as campaign grounds to link the oil palm industry with orang utan … Palm Oil Blog – Getting the Facts Right – http://www.ceopalmoil.com/

Orangutan film highlights effects of habitat destruction …

Filmmaker Patrick Rouxel is committed to raising awareness of the devastating impact that the destruction of rainforests is having on orangutan populations. His most recent film, “Green” follows the final days of a female orangutan of … EAZA Ape Campaign – http://www.apecampaign.org/

Activist Spotlight: Forest Destruction Endangers Orangutans

The illegal destruction of forests in Indonesia is threatening the already endangered orangutan population. The orangutans need to be protected before it is too late. Protect Wildlife & the Environment – http://www.care2.com/causes/environment/