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July Newsletter – Forest Victory, Orangutans Cheer! « Point …

Two weeks ago, our activists in New York and California donned orangutan suits and headed down to local branches of HSBC, the world's largest banking and financial services company, to protest the company's investments in Sinar Mas, … Point/Counterpoint – http://ynative77.wordpress.com/

Stop The Use of Palm Oil – The Petition Site

When palm forests are cut down, many orangutans , natural tree dwellers, are left without homes. They often die quickly and their young are left defenseless and also perish. If you could eliminate palm oil as an ingredient in your food … Overview Petitions – Care2: ThePetiti… – http://www.thepetitionsite.com/?q=http://www.evilaliv3.org/

Laughing Orca Ranch: I've been Published!!!!!

Back in December, a woman from Orangutan Outreach contacted me to ask me about allowing them to use one of my orangutan photos I took at the Rio Grande Zoo last summer. They discovered my Orangutan photos posted on THIS BLOG post last … Laughing Orca Ranch – http://laughingorcaranch.blogspot.com/

Adam and Crystal Edgley Family: Lyndon's Orangutan friend!

orangutan at the zoo. We were watching through the window and the baby orangutan came to inspect Lyndon! She just kept sitting against the window and watching Lyndon. Before she came to the window she was climbing around and you could … Adam and Crystal Edgley Family – http://acedgley.blogspot.com/

Hidden talents of the orangutan… « Brooklyn Rhodes's Blog

A nine-year study of free-living orangutans in Borneo, conducted by Suzanne Chevalier-Skolnikoff, Birute Galdikas, and Alan Skolnikon of the University of California at San Francisco and suggests that the life of the orang-utan has … Brooklyn Rhodes's Blog – http://brooklynrhodes.wordpress.com/