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2015, Orangutan Must Return to Habitat

Approximately 50 thousand more are now living wild orangutans in Sumatra and Kalimantan (Indonesia). While 1200 orangutan were still in the area of … www.indonesiafirst.com/…/2015-orangutan-must-return-to-ha…

Thinkers of the Jungle

Today, there are less than 7,ooo orangutans living on this Indonesian island, less than 12% of the total 60000 great apes that live in the wild. This figure has decreased dramatically over the last century and will continue to do so, … Suite101: Endangered Species Articles – http://endangered-species.suite101.com/

The blog of everything by Anneli & Markus » Blog Archive …

In Malay orangutan literally means “man of the forest” and having once had the chance to observe these orange creatures for longer, it is hard to regard them as 'mere' animals. An encounter can become an unforgettably moving experience! … The blog of everything by Anneli… – http://www.shugards.net/

Dredging Today – Sand Dredging at Kinabatangan River Threat for …

The Kinabatangan River in Malaysian state of Sabah is home to a fabulous wealth of species, including orangutans , proboscis monkeys, and a sizeable population of the world's smallest elephant, the Borneo pygmy elephant. Dredging Today » News – http://www.dredgingtoday.com/

Orangutan Largest Rehabilitation Centre in the World

Perhaps greater than any other animal, the Orang Utan is synonymous with Borneo. The Bornean Orang-utan is endemic to Borneo. Here it may be found in lowland and medium elevation rainforest. On account of deforestation and historic … Freebie Articles – http://www.freebie-articles.com/