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Hobo Mama: Tips to help parents assume the best intentions

That mother's assessment of the orangutans ' play was an eye-opening example to me of how parents sometimes assume the worst out of their little ones. Now don't get me wrong, I'm just as guilty as the next parent at times of thinking … Hobo Mama – http://www.hobomama.com/

Thai Panda: Aw, sweetie, you got a splinter. Don't cry, let me …

Photographer Evan Hambrick said: 'I could not believe how human-like orangutans are. Some things just need a mother's touch. When Randee the baby orangutan got a splinter, his mother Deedee knew there was only one way to soothe his pain … Thai Panda – http://thai-panda.blogspot.com/

WWF in West Kalimantan Turns Over a Baby of Orangutan | Voice of …

VHRmedia, Pontianak – World Wild Fund for Nature of West Kalimantan turned over a baby of pygmaus orangutan to the Natural Resources Conservation Agency (BKSDA). The 4-month orangutan baby was saved from a hunt at Dusun Ukit ukit, … VHRmedia News Centre – http://www.vhrmedia.com/news.html

Update on OFI | The Hutan Project

To find out about our volunteer calls, or to see more great pictures of orangutans , look for your invitation to join OFI Club in your inbox. OFI Club is our OFI volunteer-only website. I look forward to getting updates from all of you. … The Hutan Project – http://www.techboston.com/hutan/