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The TFCA is an initiative by the US Government, the Government of Indonesia, the KEHATI Foundation, and Conservation International (CI).  This was formalized on 30 June 2009 to redirect the payment of Indonesian debt to the US Government into a trust fund to support activities that assist tropical forest conservation, protection, restoration, as well as in developing practices of more sustainable uses of natural resources. Through the TFCA Sumatra scheme, the US government agreed to forego Indonesian debt repayment of 30 million USD, with in return there being funding support provided to conservation NGOs for a period of eight years. Under the agreement, CI Indonesia and the KEHATI Foundation have also agreed to provide matched funds of 1 million USD, towards the support of project implementation. Therefore the TFCA is to be considered a subsidized debt-for-nature swap, which is the first of its kind in Indonesia and the biggest debt for nature swap scheme by the US government for supporting environmental conservation initiatives.

The OIC is working in consortium with the Sumatran Rainforest Institute (SRI), another local NGO, towards the development and management of a landscape level conservation initiative of the Langkat Karo block of the Leuser Ecosystem in the province of North Sumatra. The programme seeks to improve the collaborative efforts of key stakeholders through facilitating the establishment of integrated management policies that support the sustainable management of the Leuser Ecosystem, at the government (provincial and district), private sector, and community levels.

Our TFCA project has four main activity components:

  1. Institutional strengthening for collaborative forest management in the Karo Langkat block of LE
    This component will focus on building the processes for collaborative roles that work best for key stakeholders for the management of LE, based on strategic plans to be outlined by each party. This will also encourage the active participation of local communities in the conservation and protection efforts, and assist the law enforcement process for forestry related crimes in the region.
  2. Strengthening of private sector participation in the conservation of Karo Langkat block of LE.
    This component will work to ensure the conservation of the region through active participation of the private sector in implementing more sustainable practices and preventing further deforestation of the LE.
  3. Forest restoration and habitat protection, with a focus on potential corridors for the connectivity of natural habitats for key species in the Karo Langkat block of LE
    This component will aim at protecting landscapes that have potential status as wildlife corridors, through developing a community patrol system initiative, as well as in restoring degraded forest in the GLNP, Tahura Bukit Barisan (great forest area), and two TWA (nature park) areas.
  4. Improvement of local economic development through intensification of sustainable agriculture practices.
    This component will focus on implementing sustainable agricultural/agroforestry practices in an effort to reduce encroachment and pressure on the LE.

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OIC Conducts Forest Patrol Training For GLNP Forest Rangers And Local Community Members

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The OIC has recently launched a book entitled “Field Guideline to Forest Ecosystem Restoration”.

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Conservation Drones

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Fruit Season In Our Restoration Site

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A Female Sumatran Serow Saved By OIC Patrol Team from Poaching

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GLNP Restoration at Sei Betung

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One of the mandate of regulation number 41 on 1999 about forestry at 48 article 5 paragraph is To unsure the implementation of forest protection properly, the local community is [...]

TFCA Sumatera Programme

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