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Approximately 100 hectares of the Gunung Leuser National Park (GLNP) in Cinta Raja Resort were being illegally occupied by local community members. The park has been planted primarily with oil palm, orange, and rubber crops, with a portion of these already having reached the productive stage of their growth cycle, signalling that that this illegal encroachment is not a new development. With support from UNESCO, we have expanded our restoration project to include this area, where we aim to restore 73 hectares of degraded GLNP forests involving local community and GLNP staff based in theResort.
Construction of a two-level 5×5 meter workstation and 4×8 meter nursery (capable of housing 7,000 seedlings) for this site was started on 8 December 2013, with completion due in January 2014. The station will serve multiple roles, as a rest, work, and security site.