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OIC Founding Director awarded as National Geographic 2016 Emerging Explorer

Fighting for Sumatra’s forests and orangutans  “The future is fine,” Panut Hadisiswoyo jokes, from a timezone 11 hours ahead of the U.S. East Coast. “Don’t worry.” Hadisiswoyo is working tirelessly with the future in mind. For the past 15 years, he has led the Orangutan Information Centre, a group he founded in his native Sumatra, [...]

First-ever conviction for orangutan trafficking in Aceh

A wildlife trafficker who was caught trying to sell three baby orangutans on Facebook was sentenced to two years imprisonment and fined 50 million rupiah ($3,653) in Indonesia’s Aceh province last week. The man, a 29-year-old university student named Rahmadani, was arrested in a sting on August 1. Besides the Sumatran orangutans (Pongo abelii), authorities [...]

Orangutan Selfie In Our Camera Trap!

This month our camera traps in our restoration site in Sei Betung of Gunung Leuser National Park of the Leuser Ecosystem captures a great photos of a male orangutan, a sun bear, a barking deer, and pig tailed macaques. The orangutan in the camera trap was believed as Bagong, estimated 30 year old flanged male, [...]

OIC & IAR Relocated Isolated female orangutan with her baby to Leuser Forest

After translocating an isolated female orangutan in Ujung Padang village, South Aceh, on 16 August 2014, our HOCRU team together with International Animal Rescue staff, and staffs of BKSDA and GLNP, had to relocate another isolated female orangutan with her baby from a farmland in Durin village, Bakongan, South Aceh, on 17 August 2014. The [...]

Again, an orangutan baby rescued in Aceh.

This may not be a good news at all but such story of our team dealing with orangutan being kept illegally is still happening until now, more especially in Aceh region. Yesterday, 5 August 2014, a very young male orangutan, estimated 10 months old, rescued and confiscated from a resident in Pepelah village, Pining Sub [...]

Palm Oil Boom Threatens the Last Orangutans

A famous British company, Jardines, is profiting as the lowland forest – which shelters the few remaining orangutans – is razed to make way for massive palm oil plantations, reports Kathy Marks in Tripa, Indonesia. Perched halfway up a tree near a bend in the Seumayan River, a young orangutan lounges on a branch, eating [...]

UK Firm Plans to Log Habitat of Critically Endangered Orangutans for Palm Oil Production

A Scottish firm has been implicated in funding a plan that would destroy the rainforest habitat of critically endangered orangutans in Sumatra. Jardine Matheson Holdings is the majority shareholder of Astra Agro Lestar, a palm oil company that plans to develop the peatland forests of Tripa in Aceh Province for oil palm plantations. Environmentalists say [...]

Carbon Credits Could Help Orangutans

Carbon markets were designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The system could also be a financially feasible way to save tropical forests, according to a new study that estimated how much it would cost to prevent logging in Borneo’s forests. What’s more, an established market would help buoy orangutans, pygmy elephants and other threatened species. [...]