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Agency Fails to Confiscate Baby Orangutan Kept as Pet

MEDAN: The North Sumatra office of the Natural Resource Conservation has been criticized for failing to confiscate a baby orangutan kept as a pet in a luxury home. Orangutan Information Center (OIC) founder Panut Hadisiswoyo said that the agency should have acted firmly and seized the legally protected endangered animal. “The agency has no commitment [...]

Orangutan Numbers Shrinking

MEDAN, North Sumatra : The population of protected orangutans in the Leuser Park in Aceh and North Sumatra is dwindling, with current levels estimated at about 5,000. The orangutan research center at Ketambe village, Southeast Aceh regency reported that the number has continued to decrease by about 1,000 per year since 1994, mainly as a [...]

An Interview About Orangutan Conservation and the Complexities of Palm Oil

Palm oil both a leading threat to orangutans and a key source of jobs in Sumatra by Rhett A. Butler, mongabay.com An interview about orangutan conservation and the complexities of palm oil  by Rhett A. Butler with Panut Hadisiswoyo and David Dellatore of the Orangutan Information Centre and Helen Buckland of the Sumatran Orangutan Society. [...]

Lucy Wisdom: Her Own Jungle Story

An ongoing battle with cancer following a partial mastectomy was the catalyst that sent UK-born Lucy Wisdom winging her way into orangutan protection and conservation back in 1994. “I started volunteering with orangutans in 1994. It was due to the cancer. With cancer I decided to change my life; I changed my boyfriend, my job, [...]