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An adult male orangutan rescued by HOCRU team from a rubber plantation in Karang Jadi village, Batang Serangan sub district, Langkat, North Sumatra, on 7 Jan 2015.

The male orangutan with a full cheekpad in his face was estimated to be 30 years old. Local people said that the adult male orangutan and a few other orangutans had been in their village for a long time and the orangutan was unable to return to the forest as the forest corridor have become palm oil plantation. Local people in Karya Jadi village reported that the orangutan had damaged their crops and frightened local farmers as the orangutan chased local farmers when working in their rubber plantation. Local farmers demanded that the orangutan must be relocated otherwise a lethal mitigation method will be applied to terminate the life of the orangutan.

The evacuation started at 5 pm on 7 January 2015, and the orangutan had been safely tranquilised and brought down from a rubber tree by 6 pm. Our vet, Dr. Ricko, gave the orangutan a thorough health check, and found no injuries. The BKSDA decided to release the orangutan back into the forest, so HOCRU team took the orangutan immediately to our forest restoration site within the Gunung Leuser National Park forest, part of the Leuser Ecosystem, and released the orangutan safely around 11.00 pm on the same day. The orangutan now has the second chance to survive in the new forest home.