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This may not be a good news at all but such story of our team dealing with orangutan being kept illegally is still happening until now, more especially in Aceh region.

Yesterday, 5 August 2014, a very young male orangutan, estimated 10 months old, rescued and confiscated from a resident in Pepelah village, Pining Sub District, Gayo Lues district, Aceh, by a rescue team consisting of Gayo Lues Forestry and Plantation Service officers (Dinas Kehutanan dan Perkebunan) and HOCRU staff. HOCRU team immediately drove to Gayo Lues after receiving a report from Mr Armansyah, Head of Forest Ranger of Gayo Lues Forestry and Plantation Service, to rescue and confiscate the orangutan which was reported weak and sick.

As soon as the orangutan in the hands of our HOCRU team, the team immediately drove back to Medan and arrived in SOCP’s quarantine around 5.30 am on 6 August 2014. After a thorough check by SOCP vet, the orangutan baby was found to suffer serious dehydration and malnutrition. He also has few minor injuries on his face and the legs. Although some local residents admitted that the orangutan baby was found on the ground, abandoned by the orangutan mother, our team was convinced that the injuries must have come from an assault by the person who tried to bring down the orangutan from its mother and thus fell down from a tree. Our team also assumed that the mother must have been shot and thus have been injured and or later dead.

The good news is that now the orangutan baby is in good care of SOCP staff for further medication. Another life has been saved! The orangutan, named as Pepe, now has the second chance to survive and one day will be released back into the wild and help flourish the remaining orangutan population in the wild.