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A male orangutan rescued by HOCRU team

On 26 December 2013, HOCRU team firstly received a report from local people in Ujung Pandang village about a few orangutans roaming in oil palm plantation and eating young shoots of palm oil trees owned by local farmers. HOCRU did not visit the area straight away but instead coordinating with GLNP and BKSDA staff in the area to ask them to scare away orangutans safely from palm oil plantation and bring them onto forest area using noise making equipment. However, the conflict incident continued and local people started to get worried about the damage made by the orangutans.

On 4 January, HOCRU team decided to come to the village and found two adult female orangutans, 2 young orangutans and 1 adult male in a small forest patch (about 5 hectares) located near the border of GLNP forest in Bakongan. This forest patch is to be converted to oil palm plantation soon and local people reported that they have seen at least 10 orangutans in the forest patch. HOCRU team also found many orangutan nests in this area. Local people claimed that the adult male orangutan always feared local farmers and they saw this adult male orangutan always come to palm oil plantation.

So HOCRU team decided to evacuate the male orangutan first and on 5 January around 10 am, HOCRU team found the male orangutand. About 1 pm, HOCRU team managed to tranquilize the orangutan and bring down the orangutan safely on the net. The orangutan was estimated to be 30 years old and weighs around 80 kg. No injuries and air rifle bullets found in the body.

HOCRU team managed to put the orangutan into the cage at 3 pm and GLNP and BKSDA staff agreed to translocate the orangutan in GLNP forest near Suaq research station. Using a speedboat owned by SOCP, the orangutan was transported to GLNP forest near Suaq research station along with staff from HOCRU, BKSDA and GLNP.  The orangutan was then finally released at 8 pm. Staff of Sua research station will monitor the orangutan in the area and the rescue team agreed to name him Jamee, which means a guest.

HOCRU team will return to Ujung Padang village to monitor the remaining orangutans.